"Mapping Monuments"    -about my work-


Takehiro Mizumoto's Artist Statement
Japanese visual artist, Takehiro Mizumoto's Artist Statement
About my work by Takehiro Mizumoto

I am currently creating works that use imaginary map, monument, tower or religious

architecture. The theme of this work series is "Irreversible occupancy of faith".


In these works I seek to portray monument as a form of media to preserve 

collective memories, or a device to form and maintain communal consciousness. 

The monument could be a device used by the founder as a means of propaganda. The more effective the device, the more it is possible to act as a psychological obstacle to a paradigm-shift in people’s perceptions. In short, monument takes root.


Creating imaginary map means making pseudo-history. Also, Designing 

fictional monument is setting fictional value system behind its icon as signifié

The arrangement of the icons on a painting suggests a story of the relations among each monument. Therefore, "the difficulty to fairly evaluate the composition of my painting" can be seen as a miniature version of "the difficulty of interpreting history".


"Even though the origin of a phenomenon was accidental or possibly trivial, 

with the passage of time, increasing layers of meaning adhere, finally it takes root

in society as a fait accompli." My interest in this process made me create the works. 

I just connect composition of painting(mapping) to human error about fortuity and inevitability. So, I do not intend to make mention of a certain religion or ideology.