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Born in Tokyo,   live and work in Yokohama      


1992 Completed the Postgraduate Course of Tokyo University of the Arts (M.F.A.)

1990 Graduated from the Faculty of Painting in Tokyo University of the Arts (B.F.A.)


Selected Solo Exhibition

2012 "Shadows in Shandon" The Guesthouse, Cork, Ireland

2009 "Induction ⇄ Deduction" City Museum in Sturovo, Slovakia

2008 "anti-dualism" TOKI Art Space, Tokyo

2006 "re-dis-position" Bumpodo Gallery, Tokyo

2005 "McGuffin on a map" Vaasa City Library, Vaasa, Finland

2003 "Untitled Exhibition" Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, The Netherlands

2001 "FLASH-21 century vol.4" TOKI Art Space, Tokyo

2000 "ART-ING TOKYO 2000" Gallery K, Tokyo


Selected Group Exhibition

2023 "URASHIMA bldg. 404" MtK satellite, Nagoya

2009 "echo" Bumpodo Gallery, Tokyo

2008 "Who's Next" Museum at Tamada Projects, Tokyo

2007 "DOMANI-The Art of Tomorrow 2007" Sompo-Japan Museum of Art, Tokyo

2005 "FALL" Projectraum Künstlerhaus, Worpswede, Germany

2002 "Art scholarship 2001 Exhibition" exhibit LIVE, Tokyo


2002 "A Perfect Day for Sky-fish" Bumpodo Gallery, Tokyo

2001 "01 collection" Bumpodo Gallery, Tokyo

2000 "ASOBIJYUTSU" Seibu Gallery, Tokyo

1999 "VOCA - The Vision of Contemporary Art" The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo 




2002-04 Work in The Netherlands, with Overseas Programme for Artists, by The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan



2015 Riddergade AIR, Viborg Kunsthal, Denmark (2 months)

2012 The Guesthouse Residency Programme, Cork, Ireland (1 month)

2009 Bridge Guard Residential Art / Science Centre, Štúrovo, Slovakia (3 months)

2005 Künstlerhäuser Worpswede, Germany (6 months)

2005 Ateljé  Stundars, Solf, Finland (4 months)


2003-04 Foundation Kaus Austraris, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (12 months)




2018 Guest lecturer, Yokohama University of Art and Design  


2017 Guest lecturer, Yokohama University of Art and Design

2017 Guest lecturer, Kyoto University of Art and Design, MA Course




I was born in downtown Tokyo in1967. My family moved around several places in my childhood. I grown up mainly in the southernmost of the four main islands of Japan.


After the Art course in the high school, I returned to the capital to study at Tokyo University of the Arts (painting department). I studied there for 6 years, and got a Bachelor's and Master's degree of Fine Arts.


During my 20's, I concerned with various technical jobs such as wall painting for shops, scene-painting for photographing, Architects' models, stage setting in TV station, and so on. In those days, I traveled twice in Asian countries (mainly India) for a year in total. I think those trips have influenced on my life significantly. 


From 2002, I stayed in The Netherlands for 2 years as  a researcher of the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Subsequently, I participated several A-I-R programes in Europe. Going and returning between the East and West suggested me new perspectives. Currently, I live in Yokohama (south neighbor of Tokyo) and create works that takes up mapping, monument, geography, memory, history, belief, etc... as its subject.

Takehiro Mizumoto's resume
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